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Your Love, Our Len

From Intimate Ceremonies to Exquisite Destination Weddings

Love in Motion:
Our Wedding Videography Showcase

Lisa + JJ


Dive into the magic of Lisa and JJ's Punta Cana wedding highlight. Join their loved ones as they gather for a destination celebration, capturing the essence of love, vows, and joy in a mesmerizing video that immortalizes the beauty of their special day.

Erika + William


Relive the magic of Erika and William's wedding in Montreal, where their love story began eight years ago. Our highlight video captures the essence of their journey, from the university where they first met to the heartfelt vows exchanged in a joyous celebration of love.

Mary + Emil


Dive into the vibrant celebration of Mary and Emil's union, where two cultures collide in a symphony of love and joy. Our highlight video beautifully captures the essence of their wedding day, filled with the richness of diverse traditions and the universal language of dance.

Dia + Mark


Experience the joy as Dia and Mark, with their baby girl, finally tie the knot after a three-year wait. Our party highlight video captures the essence of their celebration, filled with love, laughter, and the long-awaited union of this beautiful family.

Mel + Conor


Experience the love story of Mel and Conor in their highlight video. From colleagues to inseparable lovers, every frame captures the magic of their journey, highlighting a connection that is both heartwarming and unbreakable.

Jen + Dave


Celebrate the love story of Jen and Dave in their wedding highlight video. After 12 years together, they finally tied the knot with their adorable baby girl by their side, marking a joyous milestone in their journey of love and commitment.

Kat+ Matt


Embark on a journey through Kat and Matt's love story in their highlight video. From their lifeguard days years ago to the present, where they finally tie the knot with their adorable baby Liam by their side.

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