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Behind the Lens

I’ 'm so happy you’re here!


ABOUT myself.

My name is Emily Hamilton. Before the convenience of cell phone photography, I was the girl who carried around a pocket camera everywhere. My love for videography started after I came home from my first big trip abroad; upon returning, I edited and stored my memories on a drive. I then had endless options for conveying the stories behind those memories and a new love for editing and creating timeless, tangible videos of beautiful experiences.

I realized I wanted to create even better videos and edits, so I spent a lot of time practicing and refining my skills. Soon after, I began working as a freelance videographer.


Creating videos has become a passion for me with every step of the process, from sharing ideas with my clients to capturing the memories and making it all come together through editing. With videography, there are no limitations. If you can imagine it, you can create it. My expertise is in creating wedding films, course productions, and impactful videos. Because my passion is creating story-based videos, I would love to know: what is your story?

Thank you for reaching out to us!

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